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Get lost with us and see the other side of Slovakia

This is us: Visit Slovakia,
find yourself again. With us!

„And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye,“ said the fox to the little prince. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was not just a writer. He was also a pilot and traveller. And he lost his heart in Slovakia.

And these immortal words accompanied us on our journeys. As we explored the world and searched for something invisible.

Let us introduce ourselves: we are Gabriela and Valery. We are not only passionate readers, runners and bikers, but also explorers and searchers for invisible things.

Together we have visited
more than 80 countries

· we counted the little houses on Prague’s Golden Street
· we drank beer and danced on the table at Munich Oktoberfest
· we tasted Campari bitter in front of the cathedral in Milan
· we were enchanted by the taste of Chianti and bistecca fiorentina in the Nicola Machiavelli residence in the hills over Florence
· we listened to Big Ben ringing out in London
· we ran half marathons in the streets of Stockholm, Lisbon, Budapest and Copenhagen
· we picked grapes in vineyards near Gassin in Provence
· we counted the stars in the heaven above the Sahara desert
· we fished in the Indian Ocean
· we were on elephant safari in Thailand

· we meditated listened to the yoga guru song in Indian Goa, until on our last journey watching the sunrise on the Balinese mystic volcano Batur,
we realized we were too concentrated on exploring the faraway places and had forgotten the beauty and charm of the country we were born in and love.

In Paulo Coelho's novel “Alchemist” an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago travels from his homeland in Spain to the Egyptian desert in search of a treasure buried in the Pyramids.
And what starts out as a journey to find worldly goods turns into a discovery of the treasure found within. The same treasure we discovered just outside our doors.

Our home country.

New, photogenic, charming as well as cheeky and ambitious with the geographical centre of Europe hidden in its heart.

The country with no king in its history, but with Kelts, Visigots, Ostrogots or Longobards, Gepids, Romanians, Huns and Turks which left a genetic print flowing into beauty, adroitness, hospitality and sensitivity.
It is the country rounded by great mystic mountains and deep ancient rivers, scattered with castles ruins, warmed by more than a thousand mineral springs.

Slovakia. Unique, authentic, safe and far away from mass tourism.
And all of this we want to show you. From our perspective. With our eyes.

This is the start of our travel project.
From human to human. From us to You.
No standard travel agency or guide books proposals.
We will lead you to the secret places and the unknown corners, even undiscovered by Lonely Planet or GoogleStreetView.

We will arrange tailored-made solutions for your visions and ideas. We will listen to your dreams and hearts.

With us you will

· ramble the old royal cities and castles
· listen to the tones of one Beethoven´s symphonies in the castle where it was composed
· find yourself in the small Hobbits houses and transfer into Tolkien´s Middle Earth
· get lost in the deep forests of Hansel and Gretel or Red Riding Hood
· make a guess at the origin of the big stony boulder
· skip over the bonfire at the midnight on the magical 24th of June and collect medicinal and magic herbs
· descend to the centre of the Earth after climbing the highest mountain in Central Europe to watch the sunrise
· experience unforgettable tracking and wild rivers count the wild European bison
· watch the star-spangled sky without light smog

You will

· laugh
· be moved to tears
· be awestruck
· shake the dust from your soul
· fall in love

We will accommodate you in beautiful castles, chalets, cattle or sheep farms. With us you will taste the traditional and modern Slovak dishes. You will learn to prepare them.
You will be awoken by birds singing, rivers burbling, horse’s neighing, sheep’s bell ringing. Or just by the silence. And from the first breath of fresh air after opening your window in the morning, you will feel the smell of the forest, freedom and inspiration.

Or anything you want.
We will prepare a very individual program for you, according to your preferences and interests.
We will welcome you as we always welcome our friends and guests: with good food and Slovak gin, borovička, or with the sweeter mead.
And after your stay, we, the Slavic sensitive souls, will hug you and give you the products made with love in Slovakia.
And we will say good bye to you as to our new friends.
Because you will come as unknown and leave as friends.

There is an old saying: “To tap into the happiness flowing from exploring the world, one must not be cheap with time and tools.”

Explore this piece of the world. With us.
We are looking forward to you.


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