Malá and Veľká Fatra national parks

3 days tour: Through an attractive rock town and the steepest gorge in Slovakia to a bizarre rock formation including climbing

Situated 250 km north-west from Bratislava. 280 km of nature and bike trails. The mountains with the narrowest and deepest gorges, highest waterfalls dotted with historical wooden houses with the highest number of centenarians. The territory where the Slovak  Robin Hood, Juraj Jánošík, was born and ran wild across the green meadows. And we will take you there. We will see the tightest and most beautiful gorge, using mountain ladders and steel cables we will lead you through twisting river canyons to breath-taking views and marvellous and bizarre stone formations and rock peaks. We will climb to 1,700 m. We will taste the Slovak national food, bryndzové halušky, and drink a special drink, žinčica. We will make very special dairy products called: korbáče and oštiepky. We will climb and leave the comfort zone.

1. day: Hiking through the Súľov rocks, rocks forming an attractive rock town, the Súľovský castle, „the eagle´s nest“ in the rocks, Súľovský waterfall and the the richest site of orchids in Slovakia

2. day: Manínska tiesňava, the steepest gorge in Slovakia and the largest overhang of rocks in Slovakia with the possibility of climbing to the pillar of Kostelec or Veľký a Malý Manín (also for beginners) with the fantastic views, Kostolecká tiesňava (gorge), Vápencová jaskyňa (cave), Stratený Budzogáň, a bizzare rock formation

3. day: Returning to Bratislava

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