Nitra: the oldest Slovak town

2 days tour: Nitra circle including mead tasting

One of the largest agglomeration in the Central Europe in the 9th century. The highest density of Slavic´s settlements. The centre of Great Moravia. Nitra. The oldest town in Slovakia. 75km away from Bratislava. Rounded by seven hills. Based on the foot of mountain Tribeč, a Slovak Bermuda triangle, where people have got lost for more than 70 years.

1. day: The old romantic streets of Nitra and Nitra castle and calvary with the possibility of climbing and mead tasting, known already in the Celtic period 

2. day: Hiking to the Svoradova jaskyňa (cave),  Zobor peak, a base of Great Moravia and Žibrica,  the old Slavic´s settlement 

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