The mysterious castles and manor houses of the Tribeč mountains

3 days tour: The mysterious castles and manor houses of the Tribeč mountains

The centre of Great Moravia. Nitra. The oldest town in Slovakia. 75km away from Bratislava. Rounded by seven hills. Based on the foot of the Tribeč mountains, a Slovak Bermuda triangle, where people have got lost for more than 70 years. Scattered with castles ruins with romantic views and manor houses where the first Czechoslovak president used to drink his tea.

1. day: Skýcov castle, Hrušov castle, ruins of the Hrušov Castle towering on top of the Skalka Mts. at the height of 488 m with a romantic atmosphere and a nice panoramic view of the Tribeč and Pohronský Inovec Mountains, Oponice castle and Oponice manor house, the majestic residence of the old Hungarian noble family Apponyi, reminiscent of the Medici and Borgia period

2. day: Gýmeš castle, originally Gothic castle, where the guests were welcomed with a “spade dance”, consisting of four strikes by spade and an inscription in the book of guests, Topolčianky, manor house and castle with an extensive English garden at the foothill of the Tribeč Mountains, a summer residence of Czechoslovak presidents, especially T. G. Masaryk, the first president of the Czechoslovak Republic, Topolčianky bison park with Europe´s largest mammal, the European bison, "a close relative" of more known, the North American buffalo (2,7 meters in length and 1,9 meters in height, the bull can weigh as much as one and a half ton and live as long as 30 years), National Stud Farm in Topoľčianky, established in 1921, one of the most important breeding centers in all of Europe (Lippizaner, Hucul and Arabian breeds), wine tasting

3. day: Returning to Bratislava

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