Mineral springs of Northern Slovakia

3 days tour: Mineral springs of Northern Slovakia including rafting the most wild Slovak river

An amazing part of Slovakia. More than 1,125 km of nature and bike trails reaching 2,500m. A region of long valleys, deep canyons and steep rocks, coated by dwarf pines or grassland,  lower and mixed forests with the abies, beech, spruce, larch, and maple. A home to bear, lynx or wolf, steinbok and marmot. A home to the largest water reservoir and very magnificient outdoor natural thermal springs.

1. day: Liptovská Mara, the largest water reservoir, yachting and wind-surfing, a very magnificent outdoor natural thermal spring "kaďa Liptovský Ján" and Kalameny, Lúčky, one of the oldest spas in Slovakia with an unique waterfall 

2. day: Rafting the most wild Slovak river, Belá

3. day: Returning to Bratislava

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