Stratovolcano Poľana

3 days tour: The extinct stratovolcano Poľana

The biggest Slovak extinct stratovolcano Poľana with hundreds of kilometres of marked hiking footpaths and a number of natural landmarks. It includes the 23 metres tall waterfall Bystré, origin of which dates to time when Poľana was very restless. There is also one of the oldest Nature Reserves in the territory of Slovakia - Dobročský prales - example of an intact virgin forest. And also exciting 127 km long cyclist circle marked around Poľana. Let´s experience this exciting part of Slovakia together!

1. day: Hiking to the extinct stratovolcano Poľana (1,458), the biggest Slovak extinct volcano

2. day: Hiking to the Hrb mountain (1,255), the geographical centre of Slovakia, the 23 metres tall waterfall Bystré and Dobročský prales , example of an intact virgin forest, Smith´s room Lasky in Hrochoť, get your Game of Thrones sword

3. day: Returning to Bratislava

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