Boating the Little Danube

3 days tour: Boating the Little Danube from Bratislava to Dunajský Klátov through Žitný ostrov

The most international river of the world. Its river basin reaches 18 countries, flows through 10 . From Germany to the Black Sea. The Danube. The longest river in the European Union.  A long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire. In Bratislava the Little Danube splits from the main river and runs more than 128 km. It is more quiet. Meandering through lowland of Žitný ostrov, the largest river island in Europe, once inhabited by Etruscans and Kelts. It is the most biodiverse region in Europe, and is home to hundreds of fish species, such as pike, zander, huchen, wells catfish, burbot and tench. It is also home to a large diversity of carp and sturgeon. And this piece of world we will show you. From the river. From boats. While boating the Little Danube.

1. day: Starting in Tomášov, near the manor house. Boating the Little Danube through Žitný ostrov, the largest river island in Europe and the largest resource of drinking water in Central Europe, home to hundreds of fish and bird species to the watermill in Jelka, the only three stage chaser mill Central Europe. Camping in Jelka, tasting the fish prepared over an open fire

2. day: Starting in Jelka. Boating the Little Danube to Kolárovo, observing the longest wooden river bridge, the floating watermill, and the confluence of Little Danube and Váh, camping in Kolárovo, tasting the halaszle

3. day: Returning to Bratislava

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